Pamir Central Asia

Is a new company which has been set up by the founder of  META, the Murghab Eco-Tourism Association. Read more about META’s founder Ubaidulla Mamadiev and the background to the organization. META as a public entity now focuses only on project based activities such as developing community based tourism, raising awareness among community members, tourism and governmental stakeholders, and helping to increase their knowledge of community-based biodiversity conservation techniques, and the promotion of our traditional culture.

Pamir Central Asia focuses on commercial activities maximizing the benefits for the local population by developing tourism products and linkages with other tourism organizations, as well as exploring business potential related to the sustainable management of natural resources.


Our joint vision and goals:

We want tourism to have a positive social, economic and environmental impact on the livelihood of local people and their cultures.

Founder of META (Murghab Ecotourism Association) and owner (Pamir Highway Adventure and also Pamir Central Asia companies) UBAIDULLA MAMADIEV

We hope to achieve this by:

·         Designing  tours around local needs, and encouraging local communities to take ownership for tourism in their areas

·         Offering adventure tours that inspire people to be more responsible travellers and global citizens

·         Implementing eco-cultural programs together with our partners whilst maintaining financial sustainability as a tour operator                                                                

·         Focusing our activity on building capacity and contributing to on-going responsible and sustainable programs which offer people the chance to learn about the communities they visit as well enabling the communities to learn from them.

·         Providing travelers with authentic opportunities to experience more of the Pamirs’ culture.

·         Creating a vibrant virtual community, which encourages travelers to contribute to ongoing projects even after they have returned home

·         Serving as a model tour company, both in Tajikistan and in the field of ecotourism globally, to help improve the tourism industry by sharing the lessons we learn from the mistakes we make along the way.


Altynbek Mamadiev


Travel tour product Manager

Kudaibergen Mamadiev



Asylbek Mamadiev



Nurpaiz Turdumamatov