Tajikistan Trekking in Fan & Pamir Mountains

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Tajikistan Tajikistan

Tajikistan Trekking in Fan & Pamir Mountains

Tour Dossier: The Pamir Mountains have long been know as “the roof of the world” a region of utterly breathtaking scenery and home to a fascinating melange of cultures. Follow in the footsteps of ancient traders and pilgrims, and Victorian explorers in discovering a region largely isolated from the world beyond,a land where each village speaks its own different dialect and local traditions have been maintained for centures. Eastern Pamir is highest point of Pamir. On this tour you can explore part of High Mountains and impressionable lakes. this trip far from modern world only Mountains, trekks including Nature, Lakes, Kind and hospitable people which is Nomad shepherds lives on this part of the world.

Tour Program Itinerary: on Google Map:

Tour Program Itinerary:

Day 1 – Dushanbe

Arrive in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, meeting at the airport and transfer to hotel. Dushanbe is a relatively modern town that rose to prominence during the Soviet era, when it was made the capital of the Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and named Stalinabad. Its name means ‘Monday in the Tajik language, arising from the fact that this was the day that the market was held when Dushanbe was still a small and fairly insignificant village. The ousted Emir of Bukhara, fleeing from the Bolsheviks, stayed in Dushanbe and cooperated with Enver Pasha’s Basmachis until he had to leave the region. From Dushanbe, he fled to Afghanistan in 1921, the year the town was freed from the Basmachi as well.

Driving distance: 0km Accommodation: Hotel Vatan Meals: (B-L-D)

Day 2 – Dushanbe to Zimtut (Fan Mountains area)

Moving toward Zimtut village of 207 km or 6 hours of ride. The road is very scenic, passing over Anzob pass (3373 m) (tunnel) and needs (with lunch stop) Driving distance: 207km Accommodation: Local Home Stay Meals: (B-L-D) Day 3 – Start trekking to Kuli Kalon Star our trekking to the Mutnoe lake (3400m) and to the highest peak of Fan Mountains – Chimtarga (5489m) 6/7 hours of walk. The passage is easy cross the pass Zurmech 3200m, and it takes about 3 hours. On the way you can see a small but extremely beautiful Piala lake with clear water. Night at the camping in Kuli kalon lake,

Trekking times: 8/9hours   Accommodation:Tent camp    Meals: (B-Picnic-D)

Day 4: Kuli Kalon Vertikal alpinist camp

Trekking day 2. From Kuli kalon to Chukurak lake on the cross the alaudin pass 3860 of 5 hours of walk. The camp sets up on the shore of Big Alaudin lake (2700 m) or on the territory of alpinist camps “Vertical”.

Trekking times: 5/6hours Accommodation: Tent camp Meals: (B-Picnic-D)

Day 5: Alaudin lake Vertikal alpinist camp – Marguzor

Semi trekking day 3. From Marguzor to Sarotog drive, on the way will see beautifull valley. From Marguzor moving toward Iskanderkul Lake (2195m) for 3/4 hours,

Trekking times: 3/4hours Accommodation: Tent camp Meals: (B-Picnic-D)

Day 6: Sarotok – Iskender kul – Dushanbe

Today we end our trekking in Fan Mountains area and move toward Dushanbe stop at Iskanderkul Lake (2195m). On the way excursion to the waterfall (45m) and Snake Lake. Seiling on the boad of the Iskanderkul lake and arrive to Dushanbe in the evening.

Driving distance: 165km 6/7h Accommodation: Hotel Vatan Meals: (B-L-D)

Day 7: Dushanbe – Kalaikhumb

Transfer from Dushanbe to Kalaikum through Kulob/ Excellent views on the way. We will stop for photos shooting. Visit of Hulbuk, 10the century Silk Road building. Breathtaking landscape along the Panj river (the famous Oxus river). Across the river lies Afghanistan. We will drive along the river, having picnic in the pristine nature.

Driving distance: 360km 7/8h Accommodation: Hotel Karon Meals: (B-L-D)

Day 8: Khalaikum – Gizeiv (Bartang valley)

Drive to Yemts (Bartang Valley, which is close to Rushan) along the Panj river. After crossing Vanj valley we will enter into the Pamir region and meet the “Pamiri” population. On the way you will see many different villages. Views of the valley are amazing. Lunch in a Chaikana. Drive to before Geziev valley until the bridge (about 25 km). After crossing, the bridge will start hike up 2.5 hrs. to Geziev, the village is very nice, near small lake, overnight in local’s house, 2900m, stay in Traditional Pamir House

Driving distance: 200km 7/8h Accommodation: Local Home stay Meals: (B-L-D)

Day 9: Gizeiv – Khorog

Morning walk up to next village. There will see other beautiful lakes. after Geisev walking down until the bridge 2 hrs. Drive to Khorog and having lunch on the way to Khorog, after lunch visit in Khorog. Having reached the capital of the Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO)

Driving distance: 90km 5/6h Accommodation: Hotel Lal Meals: (B-L-D)

Day 10: Khorog – Yamg (Wakhan valley)

Continue to Ishkashim, administrative center in Wakhan valley. Here we enter various settlement of Wakhi. Ethnological, historically and cultural the social landscape is unique. On the way stop for hot springs at Garm-e-Chasma. After that, we reach the mouth of the Wakhan River valley. This is where the 19th century Great Game ended, between the Russian and British empires. From here, the road continues up along the north side of the river. There are amazing views of the Pamirs to the left and the Hindu Kush to the right. We will stop along the way for a scenic picnic. Further will admire the Khakha Fortress, dating from the third century BC and rising from a platform of natural rock. Just 300m further on is the interesting Ismaili mazar (tomb) of Shah-i-Mardan Hazrati Ali. After that, we move to next Zoroastrian “Fortress of Fire Worshippers”. Further up the hillside, there is the hot springs at Bibi Fatima: minerals and very salty, the water at Bibi Fatima is crystal clear. At Yamg, visit the reconstructed home of Sufi mystic Muabara Kadam, who died in 1910. Near his house, there is a stone pillar with a hole, in which he used to calculate a solar calendar.

Driving distance: 207km 7/8h Accommodation: Guest House Meals: (B-L-D)

Day 11: Yamg – Langar – Bachor

Early in the morning, we drive along the Wakhan valley from Yamg to Langar. There are several places of interest to stop. Above the village of Vrang, on a cliff-side pitted with caves, stands a Buddhist complex dating from 4th-7th centuries. In the cool of the morning, we climb up above Langar village to see the petroglyphs. Drive from Langar to Bachor over the Khargush pass (4344m), then Koitezek pass (4271m). These barren landscapes are beautiful. It is like typical western desert and canyons. After the pass will visit Jilandy hot spring, then drive to Bachor. It is a small village, far from town. Few people live in Bachor village. These communities live in incredible location or valley. They are settled farmers with few farming activities. The local people are very friendly and the lifestyle is incredibly simple and harmonious with nature. If there is a place to escape your technologically advanced world, it will certainly be Bachor. Overnight in Bachor village,

Driving distance: 290km 7/8h Accommodation: Home Stay Meals: (B-L-D)

Day 12: Trekking in Gunt valley Bachor to Chabdar kul

Many people visit Gunt valley because the valley was not historically but beautiful scenery and trekking. Nonetheless, the people and nature has its own different taste of landscapes. Morning we start walking from Bachor to Chabdar. The valley is beautiful. The path is not too rough but smooth. It slowly goes up from 3000 meters up to 3500 of elevation. It is better to star trekking from Bachor because the village located in lower elevation. Thus, as we hike we will start acclimatizing.

Trekking times: 5/6hours Accommodation: Tent camp in 3280mh Meals: (B-Picnic-D)

Day 13: Trekking in Gunt valley Chabdar to Marjanay

Morning start walking from Chabdar valley to Marjanay Jailoo (summer pasture) along the Yashil kul lakes. As we trek up the landscape changes from law land to high land, where the collars of lands pace changes into deserting. However, it is beautiful and so silent. You will not hear any noise except natural sounds of wild life.

Trekking times: 5/6hours Accommodation: Tent camp 3720mh Meals: (B-Picnic-D)

Day 14: Trekking in Gunt valley and drive to Alichur

Today we walk from Yashil kul lake to Bulunkul lake, ride or even walk along both lakes. Visit some prehistoric stone circles, old caravan sarai, and an early Islamic mausoleum, then after picnic we will cross the Alichor river, then continue to Alichor village. You might be wondering why visit settled villages. Even though the landscape is beautiful or nature is nice, there is high domination of nature and wildness in the region. Therefore, despite, simple services network staying close to villages provides better management of tourisms for logistics. Overnight n Alichor village

Trekking & driving times: 5/6hours Accommodation: Home Stay 3860mh Meals: (B-L-D)

Day 15: Alichur – Bashgumbez to Ak Zoo (Estern Pamir Trekking)

From Alichor, small settled village of nomadic Kyrgyz, we continue our trip by jeep on Pamir Highway to Bashgumbez village. The terrain here is desolate but grandiose. But the valley is nice. There are many summer pastures where nomadic Kyrgyz graze their livestock. On the way, we will visit Akbalik holy lake or sacred lake. This is holly for the people living around the area. After we visit Bashgumbes village,9 km from the main road, where you will see very old China’s tomb. From Bashgumbez Village (3900m) to Akzoo lake we start our trekking, on the way will cross the pass Kara Seky (4500m), very beautiful view of the Eastern Pamir mountains. On the way will see marmots and have a picnic. Overnight in nomadic yurt stay. You will witness nomadic life and enjoy the hospitality in Kyrgyz nomads.

Trekking & driving times: 8/9hours Accommodation: Yurt Stay 3980mh Meals: (B-L-D)

Day 16: Ak Zoo lake to Kengshiber summer pasture

Morning we will start trekking half way to Keng shiber (4100m), summer pasture. After our picnic our cars will transfer you till the village. The valley is unique because it offers high land pasture. On the way will see Yaks, sheeps and typical Eastern Pamir’s nomadic lifestyle. View of the valley is wonderful and you will meet local peoples. This day we enjoy the nomadic hospitality eastern Kygyz,

Trekking & driving times: 5/6hours Accommodation: Yurt Stay 4100mh Meals: (B-Picnic-D)

Day 17: Trekking to Zor Kul area

Morning we will drive around 20km and start our trekking to Zorkul lake through Belairyk valley. Walking on this area an excellent and adventures trip is hike up the Bel Airyk pass (4835m) which is a migration route of Marco Polo sheep, starts from the foot of the mountain. Ascending up the pass in four/five hours walk you can see the majestic northern wall of Afghanistan Hindikush and fantastic Zor Kul Lake. Along the western half of the Zor kul Lake runs Afghan – Tajik border. The lake’s eastern half lied in Tajiksitan. In 1842, Lieutenant Woods of the British India Navy Explored the Pyanj and Pamir rivers as far as the latter’s source in Zor kul. Zor kul itself is 20 km long – the road runs along its northern shore. Wildlife observation will be undertaken during the trek. The famous and endangered Marco Polo sheep (ovis ammon poli) world’s largest-horned argali sheep, Snow leopard endangered and fully protected species, ibexes, marmot and Brown bear, fox, hare are not full list of representatives of wild life of the area. From birds one can find the mountain goose (ular) pigeons, eagles, vulture, and etc. Good eyes and a sporting scope or more powerful binoculars are essential tools and a field guide for wildlife viewing. These areas are all unique in their own way, and trips to these places are always fascinating.

Trekking & driving times: 7/8hours Accommodation: Tent Camp Meals: (B- Picnic -D)

Day 18: Trekking Zor Kul area to Kara Jylga

Morning we will start trekking to Kok-Jigit Lake. These regions are nice for trekking because it is not too tough. It very easy going trekking, from hills to hill and little ups and downs. We will have lunch and picnics outdoors.There driver will pick up us and we will drive to Karajilga.

Trekking & driving times: 7/8hours Accommodation: Yurt Stay Meals: (B- Picnic -D)

Day 19: Trekking Karajilga to Jartygumbez Hot spring.

Today we will walk down to Jarty Gumbez hot spring camping site. Before arrival the spring, in morning we start to trekking Ayding Kol lake (4200m) very amazing views. Jarti Gumbez is holly place with the ruins of old cemeteries. Many people, locals, consider this region sacred and people come here with worshiping purposes. There is a nice hot spring. Every winter, the hunter from all round the world come here in order to chase their trophy animals. There is extremely nice guesthouse with a pool. Today we will finish with treks for this tour and stay in Jarty Gumbez. Overnight in Kuban Guesthouse.

Trekking & driving times: 7/8hours Accommodation: Guest House Meals: (B- Picnic -D)

Day 20: Jartygumbez to Shaymak

Today we dirver to the Ak- Suu region, which differs with its landscapes and stunning mountains and snake flown river Murgab. If the customers like this area we could stay one night but this program offers to visit Ak Suu region, Shaimak village. It is nearly in Afghan and Chinese border, the last and remotest village in Tajikistan. We will overnight in Shaimak village.

Driving distance: 135km 7/8hours Accommodation: Home Stay Meals: (B- Picnic -D)

Day 21: Shaymak to Murghab

Today we drive to Murgab, the administrative town of Eastern Pamirs since the imperial town. It is larges district in GBAO with huge territory and population. On the way will see the Chinas site big mountain Muztak-Ata 7000m and various landscapes. The Chinese border will be 70 km far from us. On the way we will visit meteorite crater & Shor bulak observatory. From Pass good view of Muz Tak mountain. On the way, we visit Shakhty rock paintings (4200). It takes back to Neolithic period. Three very similar figures are placed underneath the last animal. This representation has been compared to the so called clavicorn figures of Paleolithic art. The famous Russian archeologists, Ranov has done much research on it. It dates (8000-5000 B.C.). In Murgab we overnight,

Driving distance: 170km 7/8hours Accommodation: Hotel Meals: (B- L -D)

Day 22: Murghab to Kara Kul lake

Morning we visit Murghab district yak house handcrafted & Bazar so on after lunch drive to Kara Kul lake. Be prepare because increasable landscapes are waiting for you, especially the lake Kara Kul. The highest point of the journey is Akbaital pass (4655 m). The Kara kul lake is highest salted lake in Central Asia. After reaching we will have a walk around the lake, very quiet. Then we take it easy and enjoy the life in Kara Kul, stay in home stay here.

Driving distance: 135km 6/7hours Accommodation: Home Stay Meals: (B- L -D)

Day 23: Kara kul – Sary Mogol – Tulpar kul lake

Early in the morning we drive to from Karakul lake to Sary Mogol village near the in peak 7000m, view of the Alay range is so beautiful. Today we stay ‘see you later Tajikistan’ over the Kyzyl-Art Pass (4282m) to the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Look behind you here for a stunning panorama of the Pamir Alai range. Further, visit Tulpar Kul lake We will ride horse in 1 hour or more it depends of you and walking to small hill. From hill will be beautiful scenery of in Peak. Evening overnight in Tulpar Kul lake near the Peak Lenina.

Driving distance: 170km Accommodation: Yurt Stay Meals: (B- L -D)

Day 24: Tulpar Kul to Osh

Early morning drive to Osh. The north Alai range and its colors are just too nice. En route, we will cross the Taldyk Pass (3554m) and enjoy some beautiful views. We travel from Sary Tash and we expect to arrive in the afternoon to Osh, Kyrgyzstan’s oldest city. Our first night in Kyrgyzstan will be spent at hotel Eco House hotel. Free time to explore the city. Osh is ancient – various sources date it back around 3000 years, and legends abound over who founded it, including Alexander the Great and King Solomon. On the edge of the Ferghana Valley it is home to both Uzbek and Kyrgyz people, with its position on the border giving rise to an extremely lively market, one of the most interesting in Central Asia. The rock known as Solomon’s Throne is an important place of pilgrimage for Muslims, and a 15th century mosque on the top has now been reconstructed, with excellent views of the surrounding countryside. Osh is also home to the largest mosque in Kyrgyzstan, and is one of the few places in the former Soviet Union still to have a statue of in. Overnight in Osh, We will enjoy the night in great Silk Road city of Osh, southern Kyrgyzstan,

Driving distance: 270km Accommodation: Hotel Meals: (B- L -D)

Day 25: Osh departure

Transfer to airport and departure

Included to tour price:
  • Arrival and departure transfers in Dushanbe & Osh
  • Accommodations: Hotels, Guest Houses & Home stays, Yurt stays and Tents for camping
  • Full board meals as listed: 24 Breakfasts, 24 Lunches, 24 Dinners.
  • Entrance fees for sites listed as part of the itinerary
  • Transportation by 4WD coach with 3/4 people in the group (Toyota Land Cruiser J100) drivers, parking fees, all necessary permissions fuel and taxes, per the whole route
  • English speaking guide service for whole tour
  • Cook during the trekking
  • Cooking equipments, including gas, dishes and all necessary equipments
  • All equipments for camping, Tents and mattress
  • Clean water for whole tour.

Excluded to tour price:
  • International flights
  • Any airport taxes
  • Travel Insurance                  
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Any personal expenses
  • Any services not included in the above itinerary

_ PS

  • Important – early arrival is not included.
  • Some sightseeing places and excavations might be closed / not possible to visit due to local changes, reconstruction, roads condition, and security reasons. We do not guarantee all advised places will be covered, but we will try to do our best to cover them.
  • Pricing is confidential & non commissionable

Accommodations and meals scheduled:
Date:  Program distance: Activity: Accomodations: Meals:
Day 1 Meeting at Dushanbe airportand transfer to Hotel Jeep Hotel Vatan B-L-D
Day 2 Dushanbe to Zimtut (Fan Mountains area) Jeep Home Stay B-L-D
Day 3 Start trekking to Kuli Kalon Trekking Tent Camping B-L-D
Day 4 Kuli Kalon Vertical alpinist camp Trekking Tent Camping B-L-D
Day 5 Alaudin lake Vertikal alpinist camp – Marguzor Jeep/Trekking Tent Camping B-L-D
Day 6 Sarotok – Iskender kul – Dushanbe Jeep Hotel Vatan B-L-D
Day 7 Dushanbe – Kalaikhumb Jeep Hotel Karon B-L-D
Day 8 Khalaikum – Gizeiv (Bartang valley) Jeep/Trekking Home Stay B-L-D
Day 9 Gizeiv – Khorog Jeep Hotel Lal B-L-D
Day 10 Khorog – Yamg (Wakhan valley) Jeep Guest House B-L-D
Day 11 Yamg – Langar – Bachor (Gunt valley) Jeep Home Stay B-L-D
Day 12 Trekking in Gunt valley Bachor to Chabdar kul   Trekking Tent Camping B-L-D
Day 13 Trekking in Gunt valley Chabdar to Marjanay Trekking Tent Camping B-L-D
Day 14 Trekking in Gunt valley and Marjanay to Yashil Kul drive to Alichur Jeep/Trekking Home Stay B-L-D
Day 15 Alichur – Bashgumbez to Ak Zoo (Estern Pamir Trekking) Jeep/Trekking Yurt Stay B-L-D
Day 16 Ak Zoo lake to Kengshiber summer pasture Jeep/Trekking Yurt Stay B-L-D
Day 17 Trekking to Zor Kul area Trekking Tent Camping B-L-D
Day 18 Trekking Zor Kul area to Kara Jylga Jeep/Trekking Yurt Stay B-L-D
Day 19 Trekking Karajilga to Jartygumbez Hot spring. Jeep/Trekking Guest House B-L-D
Day 20 Jartygumbez to Shaymak Jeep Home Stay B-L-D
Day 21 Shaymak to Murghab Jeep Hotel Pamir B-L-D
Day 22 Murghab to Kara Kul lake Jeep/Trekking Home Stay B-L-D
Day 23 Kara kul – Sary Mogol – Tulpar kul lake Jeep/Trekking Yurt Stay B-L-D
Day 24 Tulpar Kul to Osh Jeep Hotel Sunrise B-L-D
Day 25 Osh departure Jeep    
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Total: $1,841.00 From $1,841.00 /person


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